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Why I Don’t “Bank on Yourself,” and You Shouldn’t, Either.

Nice article Abigail. I would summarize it by saying 1)¬† just avoid anything “investing” that involves an insurance company, and 2) avoid non-fiduciary “advice” like the plague. Investors are always trying to reinvent the wheel (giving up on the time tested stock / bond allocation) by looking for the next, newest thing to invest in. There’s always a shark (non-fiduciary) looking to swoop in and sell them a high commission based product like some annuity, limited partnership, life settlement investment, promissory note, non-traded REIT, etc.

Stick with ETF’s like VOO and BOND. Couch potato portfolios have been beating non-fiduciary snake oil products for years. If you need someone to hold your hand in selecting a couple of ETF’s then pay a fee-only RIA for a one time consultation.


It's hard to believe that someone from Brooklyn wants to "investigate 911". Did he not get the memo? Did any friends from Manhattan report to him what happened in case he missed it on TV? What part of hijacked passenger planes crashing into buildings does this clown not understand??? Re-investigating 911 is like continuing to search for your car keys after you have already found them.